A fun new skill and WIPs!

As mentioned in my previous post (which was just Friday! OMG! I’m posting again.), I learned how to use a drop spindle on friday night. I have now set the twist and skeined up my (what I think is pretty poor) handspun. My teacher swears I am a natural and that I got it much faster than she did, but I’m not sure I believe her. However, I did see my consistency as far as thickness improve on my second attempt, but I still have a lot of overspun spots. I am looking forward to doing more though! Here are some photos…

On the right is what I spun on first. My teacher, a wonderful co-worker of my mom’s, and amazing crafter, had been spinning on it so some of it is much more consistently spun and better spun than my part. All I know about it is is that it is 100% merino. She gave me her extra spindle, an ashford top whorl to take home to practice more:) Needless to say, I spun up all the fiber she gave me before noon on Saturday, haha! I have some silk hankies that I plan on spinning this afternoon.. I haven’t determined yardage or anything, but there is 57g of this yarn.

Here is my second attempt at handspun.
No idea the fiber content, other that I know its an animal fiber. I think its wool or a wool blend. There is 39g of this, and it is much more consistently spun than my other stuff, but still way overspun in spots. I am still very proud of it!!!

And now moving onto what is on my needles…I am so one track minded, I am really bad at sharing my attention between projects. This week I’ve been working fairly exclusively on my clapotis. I am doing it as a KAL with my BKFF, Caitlin. We are both knitting them out of malabrigo sock, and I believe so far I am WAY farther along than she is haha. I didn’t really think through modifying it until I was too far in to not modify it..so either I’m going to end up with a short, wide scarf, or I am going to beg somebody on Ravelry for leftovers so I don’t have to buy a whole skein!


My other project right now, which has sadly fallen by the wayside since I started my clapotis, is a Snow White sweater. I am knitting it out of Dream In Color Classy. I am really greatly looking forward to having it finished, and tonight I am going to give it some attention! I am close to being finished with the bust shaping, and then its time for sleeves!

I also have a pair of mittens on needles, which I am angry at right now so they don’t get to be mentioned. Hopefully I will finish something soon so I can blog again:)


One response to “A fun new skill and WIPs!

  1. Your spinning’s really good for a beginner. The stuff I first made? Rope. Seriously. Took me awhile to get the hang of it. And I still get overspun spots, but now I know how to fix them.

    I’m about to start knitting Snow White! I’ve got the first hank of Malabrigo wound into a ball, just need to swatch before starting. Did you swatch at all or just dive right in?

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