I haven’t stopped knitting

In fact, I’ve become a knitting machine. I have been knitting Christmas presents..And I am not going to post about them until December 25th. But, I’ll tell you a little about them…since November 9th, I have knit three pairs of socks and two hats. Yes, seriously, in less than a month, I have cranked out three pairs of socks and two hats. And the first hat of the two was started on Sunday night. The second one I cast on yesterday at knit night (last night), and finished last night. So literally it was a same day cast on and cast off. They are super quick hats, and the socks I’ve been knitting are out of worsted weight, so i can get a pair out in about five or six days..Whereas fingering weight socks take me about two weeks if I’m on top of my game. I have one more hat, and one or two more pairs of socks to complete. I am rocking this thing called semi last minute Christmas knitting:)

I plan on doing a bunch of Christmas baking too, so I will probably post some pictures of that…..Man I love Christmas!


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