2010 Knitting Wrap up.

I guess I will start this post with the very last FO I finished in 2010. I finished this hat yesterday around 8am. I had set a goal to finish before the new year, and I did! Although the ends didn’t get woven in until about 10 minutes ago, I am still counting it as finished in 2010.

Here is Bret’s Habitat.
Knit on US8 for the brim, US9 for the body of the hat.
1 skein of Brooklyn Tweed SHELTER was all it took. Colorway: Tent. I knit the large size, and added an extra 1/2″ of ribbing to make sure it would be big enough. It fits perfectly!
A note of caution: I bought the hard copy of this pattern in November 2010. My copy contained an entirely wrong Chart B. I had to get the corrected one and should have started the entire chart over.


Anyways, lets get on to the list. I love this list:)

In 2010 I knit….

14 hats (Ravelympics hats, KoolHaas, Hats for Haiti, Unoriginal Hat, Habitat, BDay Hat for Trevor [Not Blogged], Turn A Square, Christmas Hats )
8 pairs of socks (Marigolds, Skew, Waving Lace, No Purl Monkeys, Christmas Socks)
1 elephant with sweater!! (Elijah Al)
6 pairs of mittens (Baby Mittens, Kiddo Mittens, SnapDragons, Felted Mittens with unfelted cuffs [Not Blogged], Thrummed Mittens
3 cowls (Thermis, Burberry Cowl, Wavy Feathers)
2 Shawls (Multnomah, Haruni)
2 felted bags (Mom’s, Mine)
1 Tank Top (Vixen Camisole)
1 sweater (Corona Started in 2010.)
4 scarves(Drop Stitch, Noro, Clapotis, PINK!)
1 pair of baby booties(Booties)

HOLY CRAP. That is FORTY FIVE things. (Providing I counted right.) That isn’t counting two failed pairs of felted slippers that felted wrong. And I still have two things on the needles from 2010. A sweater, and a pair of self striping socks. I am blown away! I didn’t realize I knit that much this year.

Knitting wise, this year I am going on a yarn diet and attempting STASHDOWN 2011. I have a buttload of yarn (Since I put it all into Ravelry last year I have doubled it. At least.) and I want to use some up, or get rid of it by destashing on Ravelry. I also want to finish the sweater I have on the needles before the end of February (if not earlier) and knit another sweater that I actually finish this year. And successfully knit a colorwork project.

As far as general New Years resolutions I want to..
– Lose the 20lbs I’ve gained
– Figure out how to keep my house clean and organized!
– Go back to school!
– and of course, knit knit knit!

I hope everyone has a happy, healthy new year!


6 responses to “2010 Knitting Wrap up.

  1. Oh wow 45 things?! That’s awesome! I don’t think I’ve accomplished 45 things knitting or otherwise! 🙂 Way to go and keep it up! I love reading your blog and seeing all the beautiful things you create!

  2. Hmm, if you are on a yarn diet does this mean the belated Christmas yarn at the post office should go back? Lol, I’m guessing not!

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