Noro Socks!

I had really wanted to stripe this skein on itself, but there is SO MUCH PINK in it it just wasn’t going to happen without me splicing the skein, and that was way too much work! So I decided to just knit plain old socks out of them. Perfect for riding in my purse, at hockey games and such!

Very faternal. Very awesome:) I wish the one sock had more grey in it, and the other more purple..but I still love them!!



Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn colorway 181 (I think)
US1 circular needle (magic looped them)
Plain top down sock, 64 sts with slip stitch heel!
Ravelry Page Here


2 responses to “Noro Socks!

  1. I love that colorway. I’ve made a pair of Kai-Meis (Cookie A pattern) out of it. Plus, after washing? They feel really nice!

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