Not knitting related: Someone I love needs a cure.

This summer I will be riding in the Tour De Cure here in Fairbanks, AK. I will be riding along with my mom, my boyfriend, and my aunt. And hopefully more will join us! My mom started a team for us (Team DiaBretic). We are raising money for Diabetes research.

Bret (whom our team is named after!), my wonderful boyfriend of nearly 2 years, has had Type 1 Diabetes since he was 17. This year he will be turning 23. 11.3% of people over the age of 20 have a form of Diabetes. This fact comes from The American Diabetes Assocation, and I find it totally heart breaking.

I can’t really talk about it very effectively because it makes me really emotional but I’m going to put it this way: Diabetes totally sucks. It screws with pretty much every system in the human body. For someone with Diabetes, if effects pretty much every second of their life. They have to worry about every thing that passes their lips, worry if they’ve taken enough insulin, too little or too much.

And for those of us who love someone with Diabetes, it affects our lives too. I spend way, way too many moments everyday worrying about Bret’s Diabetes. Worrying about how it will affect our future, how it will affect everything.

So to put it simply, someone (more than one someone!) I love needs a cure. And this June, I will be riding in the Tour De Cure to help raise money to find that cure. If you are in Fairbanks, or will be on June 11th and want to join us, we have a team going. Click this link, choose Join A Team and pick Team DiaBretic when you sign up. If you are not going to ride with us, you can sponsor me here. Every little bit helps. You can also click a “join our team” link on that page.


Someone I love needs a cure. Please, ride with us, or sponsor me and lets help the fight to end Diabetes.

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