FO: Spring Foward Socks

I cast on these socks when we had just had a 14″ snow dump and there was 6-10″ in the forecast..I was over winter. You might say oh, Alaska, snow like that is normal…Not really in Fairbanks. I read somewhere that typically we get 2″ a week all winter which adds up to amounts like that, but not all at once.

Anyways. Ever since I got my hands on this colorway, I knew that this was what I wanted it to be. And I finally got around to casting on:)


And I am so totally in love with them. We did not get 6-10 more inches of snow, only 4, and it has finally started warming up during the day a bit, but I still want spring. We are getting there! Nearing 12 hours of sunlight a day.

The road to these socks being finished was not a great one. The second sock was cast on, and I knit almost the entire leg during 80 minutes of hockey (15 min between each period too!) and then realized that I had misplaced a yo. No big deal, until my mom is admiring them and mentions that I should enter them in the fair because they are lovely. Then the next morning I decide to be ridiculous and drop something like 15 rows (half a repeat) and try to move around my yos. Dumbest. Idea. Ever.


Needless to say, it did not end well. And I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to put my needles in the right spot in the middle of a repeat…So there went an entire repeat, blammo. But it was not a bad thing, I was able to get right back to where I was shortly thereafter..This pattern knits up very fast!



Pattern: Spring Foward Socks from Knitty (Summer 08 I think?)
Yarn: Socks That Rock from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Mediumweight in My Wild Irishgirlie
Needles: US 1.5 Makes for nice, tightly knit, thick socks with this weight yarn.
Mods: None!



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