Hellz yea, I finally did it. Knit one of the cutest sweaters I’ve ever seen, and I completed it in like three months!

OMG I just looked at my rav project page and it was more like two months. I cast on Jan 25 and cast off March 19. Woohoo!

Anyways. On to the sweater.

Bottom up, yoked sweater. I am knitting a top down sweater next.


The way the one owl gets sucked into the armpit (it does this on either side) kind of bothers me.

You can see the one owl with eyes…


A photo to see the back shaping…

I love this sweater! Here are the details:

Pattern: OWLS by Kate Davies
Yarn: Cascade Eco+ Colorway 0408. Two skeins, although I maybe used half of the second skein.
Needles: US10 for ribbing, US10.5 for the rest.
Mods: Length (quite a bit in the body and a bit in the sleeves too) and I knit the 38″ size because my gauge was wonky. I lean more towards the 36″ size.
Here is a Rav link!

Also, for anyone unaware, it was brought up at knitting on tuesday at INUA that a group of owls is called a parliament of owls. Which I found amusing, haha.

I have two pairs of socks to finish up, and then I might start a Newsprint Cowl, or maybe a shawl..not sure which. I also have a cardigan that I want to knit soon that is top down, which I’ve never done before, so we’ll see I suppose..

2 responses to “FO: OWLS:)

  1. Beautiful sweater- as usual you ROCK! We should talk soon and make a date – it’d be great to see you and Bret.

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