WIP Wednesday!

My elbow is killing me so I figured I’d take a break from knitting and make a WIP (Work in Progress) post.

I typically don’t have more than 2 or 3 things on the needles, and that is the case currently. 2 pairs of socks, which is actually pretty odd for me, and I just cast on for a cowl last night. I’ve been on a kind of crazy sock binge (I have knit 3 pairs already this year!) and the cowl has been a nice break from tiny needles and tiny yarns. Plus, its brioche, (real brioche!) which is a new technique for me!

First pair of socks: Rick from Cookie A’s book “Sock Innovation”

The left sock sock is completed and the right is about to get a heel flap.
I think its really weird how differently the colors worked out – They are the same amount of stitches and all. I am hoping to get the heel flap done today! The yarn is Socks That Rock Lightweight – A Rare Gem, meaning it is a one of a kind either mess up colorway or mill ends.

The second pair of socks are just plain socks, I am knitting for a good family friend who didn’t get socks for christmas and has been making lots of comments about how she doesn’t have any exciting socks, haha. She is also having surgery in a couple weeks and I want to finish them before then, so she has something cozy to wear while she recovers. The progress has been stalled a bit as the needle and cable came apart. I know I have another needle of the same size in this house somewhere, I just have to find it. And Knitpicks has a replacement on the way to me, but it could take up to 2 weeks to get here, so I should probably get looking! This yarn is Zitron Trekking XL, which I actually managed to snag at Value Village, our local for profit thrift store! I have gotten almost 1.5 socks out of 1 skein, and I had 3 to begin with so I think I may make a pair for myself as well!


And here is my last FO, and my current favorite.
My Newsprint Cowl. Pattern by Haven Leavitt, a former Fairbanksan! I have never knit ‘true’ brioche before, and while it is not that hard, the first few rows are a bit tricky. I have wanted to knit this, but I am also counting it as brioche practice before I knit her Powder Eights hat. The yarn I have for that hat is pink, and with the colors of this cowl..I think I might have to get a new purple coat for next winter, haha. I had originally bought this yarn to make a Botanic Hat, but I am so glad I am using it for the cowl instead!


The yarn is Malabrigo Worsted in the colorways Orchid (lighter) and Uva (darker)

Hopefully I will be back this weekend with at least one finished pair of socks….


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