FO: Rick Rick Rick!

First and foremost: this pattern makes me think of a very hilarious SNL sketch which I of course must post.

There really is no relation between these socks, other than the fact that the pattern is titled Rick and all that makes me think of is “RICK RICK RICK!”


One pretty neat thing about this pattern is that the left and right sock twist towards each other, and then the foot detailing points towards each other too..however, the different directions means ssk’s on one sock and k2tog’s on the other, and as you can tell..that must have messed with my gauge a bit, because the left sock stripes nicely and the right sock doesn’t. No big deal, just an interesting difference!



The yarn is a Rare Gems colorway from Blue Moon Fiber Arts on Socks That Rock Lightweight. It is a one of a kind color, their rare gems are mill ends or mis-dyes.

I honestly found this pattern sort of irritating to knit, it is a pain to make all your yos even, because of them come before a purl (which makes them huge) and I haven’t found a good way to combat this other than picking them up on the next round.. And transitioning from the leg to the top of the foot is a pain in the ass..

Oh well!

Pattern: Rick by Cookie A. from her book Sock Innovation
Yarn: Socks that Rock Lightweight – Rare Gems
Needles: 3.0mm addi circs
Mods: I went way up in needle size to make sure they fit me, and they do!



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