FO: Exciting Socks for Diane

Diane told me that somebody at work told her that her socks were boring. The exact quote contains a different word..but I can’t think of it, haha. Anyways. She did not get socks for Christmas, and as you may know, I knit a buttload of socks for family members at Christmas. Diane is not technically a family member, but she practically is. She babysat my siblings and I (more like nanny-ed!) when I was about 7 for a few years, and then began working at my dad’s business..And when I was still too young to take care of the siblings when my parents were out of town, she would stay with us. And now she still works for my dad, is still a great family friend, and has become one of my close friends as I have gotten older. ANYWAYS. She asked for socks, and I obliged. She is also having surgery next week, and I decided that this was my way of sending my love with her to Anchorage for her surgery. She’d tell me that that is silly, but I am thinking of it that way, haha.

On to the socks! These are plain, vanilla, 64 stitch stockinette socks. Slip stitch heel flap, 2×2 twisted ribbing for the cuff, stockinette all the way. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Except that the cable on the circular broke, but I found my other needle of the same size (and got the broken needle replaced because KnitPicks is awesome!) and so that stalled it for a while. Progress on these socks was also stalled because I was trying to finish my Rick socks at the same time.



Pattern: Generic sock pattern from my head
Yarn: Zitron Trekking XL Colorway: Wicked. Bought 3 skeins of this at value village, packaged with a bamboo circular needle for like 8 bucks! I only used maybe 1.5 skeins for these socks
Needle: 2.75mm



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