FO: Newsprint Cowl

There is a fever spreading in Fairbanks. One of my knitting buddies said she’d caught the virus. We all want to knit the same thing.

The Newsprint Cowl.

And why not? An awesome, easy to follow pattern for a really practical accessory for Alaskans? And of course, the designer, Haven Leavitt, is good friends with my local LYS yarn peddler, Liz…And much like yarn, Liz can pimp a pattern pretty hard!!! Its an oversize, brioche circular shawl..Knit in two colors, worsted weight…One of the recommended yarns is Malabrigo Worsted, which makes for a squooshy, soft cowl. Oh this is going to be so awesome next winter. I can get it over my ears and my nose AT THE SAME TIME.

I’ll quit blabbing and show you some pictures, I suppose!


When its not wrapped twice it reaches almost to my bellybutton!

See? Ears and nose. At the same time. I need more of these infinity circular cowl thingers. And the best part is that it looks way more complicated than it is. You only knit with one color each row, and once you have the brioche stitches down (which are just combinations of knits and purls) you have a great semi mindless but not mind numbing project to knit socially on! I can’t say enough good about this pattern. As I’ve said in a previous blog post, I am using it as practice before I knit another one of Haven’s patterns, Powder 8s.


Pattern: Newsprint Cowl by Haven Leavitt
Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted, almost exactly two skeins (1 of each) light: Orchid dark: Uva (more dark than light)
Needle: US8
Mods: I think mine is a bit shorter height wise than the pattern called for, and I went with Liz’s bind off mod to make it totally reversible which is: when you are ready to bind off, knit the last row with your L, knitting the layered yos (as Liz calls them!) and purling the purls. Then sewn bind off with L.
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3 responses to “FO: Newsprint Cowl

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  2. Your Cowl is divine! I want to knit this one. Does it take 2 skeins of the darker color and 1 skein of the lighter color?

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