FO: Felted Ballband Bag #3!

I LOVE THIS BAG! I think I am the happiest with this one, so far. Although maybe I felt that way about the last one…Whatever. I freaking love this bag. It turned out the perfect size, and I have finally found a way to do the strap that I like the best. Anyway. Onto the pictures.

Here it is pre-felting.

About 17″ long and 14″ across. I didn’t measure the strap! This time, I left live stitches on either side of the bag and knit garter stitch till I ran out of yarn, then grafted them to the other live stitches.

Here it is on me pre-felting. It hangs just a bit higher post felting. This is also a great representation of the color, which is wonderful!

Aaaaand post felting. I love felting things, it is so much fun to throw it in the washer and see what it looks like when it comes out!

The colors are great…I just love the whole bag this time. I am contemplating fashioning some kind of button closure, but it is the right size, the strap is right..etc, etc etc. I LOVE IT!

Pattern: Felted Ballband Bag (With lots of mods.)
Yarn: Noro Kureyon 229 (2 skeins) and Lamb’s Pride Worsted Charcoal Heather (1 skein)
Needle: US 10.5 circular
Mods: Loads! The details can be found here: Ravelry Link!

I want to knit this pattern over and over again!



2 responses to “FO: Felted Ballband Bag #3!

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  2. love the bag, thanks for sharing

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