Help Us Fight Diabetes

Just 10 days until I ride in the Tour De Cure. Please, help us Stop Diabetes. It is a debilitating disease that will affect 1 in 3 children born this year sometime in their lives. One day, my wish is that Bret will be able to say “I had Diabetes.” Because my wish is that we can stop Diabetes.

If you want to sponsor me, please click here and select the red button that says “Click here to sponsor me” on the right, underneath the (cute!) picture of Bret and me!

8.3% of Americans have Diabetes. I bet once you start to think about it, the number of people you know who have, or are at risk for it, will grow.

For me, for Bret, for someone you know. Maybe for your parent, your sibling, your friend. Every little bit will help. We need to stop Diabetes.


One response to “Help Us Fight Diabetes

  1. That is too cute!!! I’m ready to make another donation to the team; )

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