FO: Double Knit Mittens

I am not pleased with this pair of mittens. I could’ve ripped them out and made the changes I wanted to, but I am totally not that kind of knitter. I am a product knitter, I do enjoy the process of knitting but I knit for the finished object.

I am so disappointed in these mittens I almost didn’t post about them, and pictures of them didn’t go on Flickr. I imagine someday in the future I will rip out the tops and re-knit them, because that is the part that bothers me the most. The hand of the mitten is too short, and I did something wrong in the decreases on the one. OH WELL.

Double knitting makes for very squooshy and warm fabric..but it takes FOREVER.

Here’s what I will do next time around for DK mittens:
1. Longer cuff
2. More stockinette before starting the thumb gussett
3. More stockinette before starting the top decreases.

I just finished another project that I am much, much more pleased with and excited for. It just has to be felted, so there should be another post in a couple days:)

2 responses to “FO: Double Knit Mittens

  1. There was one thing you forgot to mention that you did very well – you continued with the mittens and you definitely learned more about DK ; – )

    Look forward to the next post of your wonderful knitting!!

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