FO: Falltime Bandit

So, my grandma on my dad’s side is like the epitome of crafty awesomeness. She is an amazing cook, she has a giant loom in her house and weaves like crazy, when I was a kid she would make dresses for me and my sisters, she also made me halloween costumes and even sewed one of my cousins a prom dress once! She also can crochet, knit, and beads as well. And at one point she was polishing her own rocks to put into her beadwork as well. And now she is way into photography, and you can see her photos on flickr here. She entered one into the fair and won Grand Champion! Anyways, long story short, my grandma is one crazy awesome lady. Her birthday was yesterday, and she always has super nice things to say about the shawls I knit so I figured it was time to knit her one!!! So I did.

In picking out a pattern I knew I wanted one that I could easily modify for worsted weight and one that I could knit quickly. I made this shawl decision on Labor day weekend, so I didn’t have much time. However, I ended up having TONS of knitting time that weekend (roadtrip during which I didn’t have to drive!!) so I got a lot done and managed to finish it almost a full week before her birthday. So when I was looking at patterns I ended up picking Springtime Bandit. It is designed for worsted weight, and easily adjustable to make it bigger. I added an extra repeat to the body chart and I had to cast off early, haha! I bought the yarn while I was in anchorage and figured I would have too much but I was wrong. I also managed to add extra yos in it because the pattern is not very typical of shawls/lace pattern so I kept adding yos where I thought they should be but the pattern said otherwise..ANYWAYS. I knit it out of Silky Wool XL, which is a fantastic yarn and gifted it last night. She loved it! YAY!



It is pretty big, warm, soft and hopefully it will get worn! Her and my grandpa leave to go back to AZ for the winter in a few weeks and I hope that it will cool off enough for her to still be able to wear it. My mom swears the blood on that side of the family runs cold (being that they are all always cold not mean people!!!). I am not always cold but I am frequently wearing more clothes than everyone else haha. So I’m hoping it is practical..ANYWAYS. I feel like I’m blabbing.

Pattern: Springtime Bandit by Kate Gagnon Osborn
Yarn: Silky Wool XL; 4 skeins (and like I said, I ran out of yarn and had to cast off 4 rows early)
Needle: US9 Circular
Mods: Added an extra repeat of the body chart.
Ravelry Project Page


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