Non Knitting Content

I sewed today! Successfully!!! I am really not much of a sewer. I’ve made a quilt, and used to slap together lined bags (made out of t-shirts). But, for the most part it is a bit of a stretch for me to sew. I was determined to make stockings for Bret and myself this Christmas though. My family has stockings that my grandma made for us when I was young, but I can’t bear to take mine out of my parents house so I just decided to make another one, and Bret doesn’t have one. So I ordered some Christmas fabric and decided I would just go for it. I traced a stocking onto newspaper, cut it out, lined it with fusible interfacing and then trimmed it. I am EXTREMELY pleased with myself!!!!

Bret’s is on the left with hilarious tropical Santa fabric, and mine is on the right. They didn’t turn out EXACTLY like my family stockings, nor do they match exactly, but I am really pleased with them!

I also made a super girly pillowcase for Bret’s niece today.

Not a great picture, but it has adorable puppy fabric on the main part. I did this with very little help from my mom, which is unusual. I need to acquire an ironing board so I can sew at home! I did get my sewing machine working, after all.

On the Christmas knitting front, it continues. I have 3 gifts to make (two of them are felted and the first round felted entirely too small, and so they are in the process of being knitted again), and 4 finished. I am feeling good, over halfway done! I also am about to be finished with a the stripey Christmas socks (for moi). I would’ve finished them tonight at the Nanooks game, but the OT only lasted a minute (at which point Michigan scored and the Nanooks lost. Lame.). I will finish them once I am finished writing this post. I am also nearly finished with a sweater. I think I have 3-4 more inches of knitting on the body, and then the sleeves are short so that should be done soon as well..

I hope everyone else’s Christmas crafting is going well!


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