Christmas Knitting!

I meant to have this post ready and queued up to post this afternoon but that didn’t happen. Anyways. Christmas is not completely over quite yet, but all the gifts have been given, I have eaten entirely too much and seriously enjoyed my day. I gave quite a few knit gifts (I think 8 total?) this year and they were all received very well.

Okay, first things first. I made an iPad cozy for my mom! She got an iPad for her birthday this fall, and was EXTREMELY wary of it (she is not always good with new technology, however she has gotten quite good at using facebook and is learning twitter!), but has come to love it, and she has a screen cover on it but I thought it would be nice for her to have a case for when she brings it places in her purse.

Pattern: iFelt Cozy from Knit Purl
Yarn: Cascade Eco+, leftovers from my Owls Sweater
Mods: I did little i-cord button loops and added buttons.
Ravelry Link

Next up: Felted slippers for my two sisters. My sisters are twins, so they frequently get similar gifts, which probably gets kind of lame! But whatever, one sister asked for felted slippers so both sisters got them. But they love them and they fit, that is what matters!!

Dana’s Pair

Kelsey’s Pair

Pattern: Duffers
Yarn: Full o’ Sheep, held double
Mods: None, other than the button embellishment.
Ravelry Link Ravelry Link

Next Up: Again, my two aunts frequently get similar presents. This year I decided to knit them hats.

Aunt Nancy’s Hat:

Pattern: Windschief
Yarn: Cascade Cloud
Mods: None.
Ravelry Link

Aunt Cyndie’s Hat:

Pattern: Hurricane Hat
Mods: None
Ravelry Link

Another Head covering Item: A Calorimetry for Michelanne!

Pattern: Calorimetry
Yarn: Berroco Blackstone Tweed
Mods: Only CO 100 sts, and 10 repeats of row 5.
Raverly Link

Socks for Aunt Jill (she got a pair last year and LOVED THEM so I knit her another pair. I definitely owe her a non-socks knit item though.)

Pattern: Plain Ole Top Down Sock from My Brain
Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Worsted Merino Superwash
Raverly Link

Last but not least: A Saroyan for Grandma Barb.

Pattern: Saroyan
Yarn: Malabrigo Silky Merino
Mods: 5 increase repeats, 20 straight repeats, 5 decrease repeats.
Ravelry Link

And here are some happy family photos:)

From left to right: Kelsey’s slippers, Cyndie wearing a sock I knit her three years ago and a cast cozy I knit her (but did not really consider a Christmas present, so it has not yet been blogged), and Dana’s slippers.

From left to right: Aunt Nancy in her Windschief, Michelanne in her Calorimetry, Cyndie in her Hurricane Hat, and Grandma Barb with her Saroyan Scarf.

I had a wonderful Christmas, and I hope everyone else has enjoyed their winter holiday of choice. I am extremely grateful to have such knit worthy family, who love, appreciate, and WEAR their knit gifts!!!

On Wednesday night I am headed to Hawaii (the big island!) for 10 days with Bret and my family, and I am sure there will be some gratuitous pictures of knitting on the beach:) Especially because Bret bought me a new digital camera for Christmas! Woohoo!


2 responses to “Christmas Knitting!

  1. So glad I’m one of the recipients of your awesome gifts. Not only are you an awesome knitter but this display of gifts also indicates are thoughtful and giving you are!

    Love – me; – )

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