2011 Knitting Wrap Up.

I had been meaning to post this earlier, but I’m in Hawaii with my family, enjoying the sun and having lots of adventures. It’s only like, a 100+ degrees temperature change from Fairbanks to Kona, so I’ve been a little busy soaking up the sun:)

Anyways. Lets think about what I knit in 2011….

10 pairs of socks (holy crap!) (Candy Stripers, Noro Socks, Spring Forward Socks, RICK RICK RICK, Diane’s Socks, Bret’s Socks, Ice Cream Socks, Purple Charades, Christmas Stripey Socks, Aunt Jill’s Socks)

6 Shawls (Shaelyn , Doublish, Charlize [which was sadly lost within three weeks of it being completed..i plan to make another one in 2012], Swallowtail, Falltime Bandit, Akimbo)

4 hats (and 3 Headbands) (Boardwalk, Man Hat, Windschief, Hurricane Hat, Calorimetry, Seed Stitch Headband 1, Seed Stitch Headband 2)

3 Scarves (Just Enough Ruffles, Saroyan, Drop Stitch Scarf)

2 Cowls (Newsprint, Honey Cowl [which I just realized did not get blogged..that is a Ravelry Link])

3 Sweaters (another one was finished in 2011, but started in 2010..And it is the sweater that must not be named anyway. We’re not going to mention it here.) (OWLS, Mossy Baby Sweater, Rosamund’s Cardigan)

3 pairs of mittens (Double Knit Mittens, Nicole’s Mitered Mittens, Mitered Mittens For Me)

2 felted bags (Dana’s, Mine)

2 pairs of felted slippers (Kelsey’s, Dana’s)

1 Felted iPad Case (Mom’s(

1 Cast Cozy (For Cyndie)

Holy crap I think that is everything. This does not include 3 projects (4 if you count the sweater that must not be named) that were duds.

that is 39 projects total! Not as many as last year, but still pretty close! I have not been doing much knitting since we’ve been in Hawaii. It is hot and we have been BUSY trying to fit in fun stuff before my sisters leave (which is today). Their college is cruel and starts class again on Thursday.

As far as my resolutions for last year:

1. Did not lose any weight, in fact I added about 10 lbs to those 20.
2. Did not figure out how to keep my house clean and organized, but have gotten more dedicated to cleaning it on regular intervals..
3. DID go back to school.
4. Obviously, kept knitting!

This year:
1. Get healthy. (focus less on the number on the scale….)
2. Continue working on organization at home
3. Declare a major! (I may actually be well on my way to this..)
4. Knit colorwork successfully.

I hope everyone has entered into 2012 happily. I did so watching fireworks on the beach.


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