FO: Quiviuk Lace Scarf

Wow its been a while! My knitting mojo has been kind of out of whack since the beginning of the year. I’m not entirely sure why, but I just haven’t been knitting as much. I did, however, finish this quiviuk scarf earlier this week and am well on my way to being done with a pair of socks. So not all hope is lost! I just keep choosing more long term projects.

Anyways. Bret gave me this skein of quiviuk for Christmas 2010. Every year on Christmas Eve, my LYS, INUA has a big sale on Christmas Eve. The entire store is on sale, even the quiviuk (which is spendy). This year I decided to treat myself to a skein of the Royal Blend, which is 50% Quiviuk and 50% Silk, as I did pretty well in school this fall (probably better than I’ve done since I was in my freshman year of high school) and heck, who can’t resist a sale? I told myself, though, that there was one condition to me buying the skein of the Royal Blend. I had to use the quiviuk Bret bought me. He nagged me about it, because it is expensive!!! And I kept telling him I had to find the right pattern….That it just hadn’t come to me yet.

So I decided to knit the Annis Shawl. The designer has posted a ‘Mini Annis’ mod to ravelry, to make it out of a 50g skein of laceweight The yardage of hers was 220, and the quiviuk skeins are 218yds, so I decided to give it a go. However, I used a smaller needle because I was worried about running out of yarn.

And it turned out mini. Like way too mini. Like it would’ve been a nice shawl for a doll.

I wish I had measured it but seriously. It was small And there was no way blocking was gonna help that baby. And, it used up less than 1/2 the skein of quiviuk! Since its so pricey, I wanted to use up as much of it as possible.

So I left it, went to Hawaii for a week, mulled it over a lot, and when we got home I frogged it. I spent a while considering what to make with it…I was not super interested in making a smoke ring, and was unsure if I would want a small quiviuk scarf. But I kept coming back to the Lace Ribbon Scarf from Knitty. I have knit it twice, and in full length scarf the pattern gets OLD. But I just kept coming back to it, so I decided to go for it. Towards the end I felt like I was knitting with the never ending skein of quiviuk, but I came out with a nice little scarf that is 51 inches long, just enough to wrap around my neck. I love it, and considering it is currently -46F in Fairbanks, my timing was pretty perfect with its completion!

Granted, the lace-yness doesn’t make it super practical, but it will definitely be warm layer!

And I absolutely love the look of this pattern..

And the color is pretty fabulous too!

Pattern: Lace Ribbon Scarf
Yarn: Windy Valley Musk Ox Yarns 100% Quiviuk one skein
Needle: US 4
Mods: 2 knit rows before beginning the pattern, and then I knit until I ran out!

Hopefully I will be back shortly with a completed pair of socks…In the meantime, if you are in Fairbanks, stay warm!


2 responses to “FO: Quiviuk Lace Scarf

  1. That is absolutely beautiful – things might be a little off with your knitting because you are recovering from making all those wonderful gifts. Enjoy the warmth the quiviuk will provide; – )

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