FO: Simple Handspun Shawl

Sometime last year, one of my local knitting buddies was looking for a knitting trade. She wanted mittens, and was willing to knit/spin/etc in return. I had recently learned to spin, didn’t get into it, but had bought some fiber. So I proposed that Nicole spin my fiber, and I knit her mittens. So we both did!!

Nicole turned this..

(Excuse the awful mess in that photo.)
into this:

How awesome is that??

And I knit her these…

On a random somewhat freaky note, I had compared my hands to hers (to determine the size of the mittens) and our hands are THE EXACT SAME SIZE. Somewhat freakishly small, I might add.

I had known all along that I wanted to knit a simple shawl with the handspun, because I wanted something to show it off.

I cast on 5 stitches, did yos on both sides and in the middle on the right side. Knit stockinette untiL i was really bored, and then I knit garter stitch until I had used up all of the yarn. I looove the way it looks.

The texture differences between the stockinette and the garter stitch is striking, and I love the look of the handspun yarn.


Ravelry Link Here


4 responses to “FO: Simple Handspun Shawl

  1. BEAUTIFUL, though I think instead saying excuse the mess *snicker* you should tell the tale behind the Bacardi raspberry shooter.. LOLOL IT IS GORGEOUS! I CAN spin! LOVE to spin!! Again AMAZING,so where is the Etsy shop! *GRIN*

  2. A wonderful post showcasing the amazing spinning of your friend and your beautiful work. I concur and wonder, where is the etsy shop? : – )

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