FO: Skew Socks 2

I finished these socks on the same day as the handspun shawl, but haven’t gotten around to posting about them until now. That was partly because I wanted to have a picture of them on feet, and they don’t fit me so I had to wait for them to arrive in Oregon with Caitlin to get a photo! For those who are unaware, Caitlin is my knitting BFF (and BFF in general, for the most part!). Her and I have been friends for a long time, and we sort of came into knitting together/at the same time. When I finished the first sock and realized it didn’t fit, I texted her about it and she said she would wear them! So I decided just to finish them and send them her way. anyways!!

Gothsocks is a yarn from an indie dyer, that is somewhat highly sought after. I have managed to acquire some, and it has been sitting in my stash not being used. They did an after Christmas KAL that was themed “Do today what you have been putting off for tomorrow.” I had been wanting to knit another pair of Skew socks for a while, and had been wanting to knit with some of my gothsocks as well! So I cast on with my very first skein, a colorway called “Braaaains.” The colors are supposed to look like brains, but it really doesn’t look much like brains knitted up. But that is probably a good thing…

Skew is such a fun pattern to knit, especially with handpainted yarn. See how both socks are totally different?

And the unconventional construction means they look really goofy on sock blockers!

And here they are on Caitlin’s feet..

Her feet are a good two sizes smaller than mine, so they fit! Yay!

Pattern: Skew
Yarn: Gothsocks Strychnine in “Braaains”
Needles: US 1.5 (they might have been more likely to fit me had I used a bigger needle.)
Mods: None
Raverly Link


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