FO: Felted Mittens For ME!!

I absolutely LOVE this mitten pattern. I have knit my mom two pairs, and one for my aunt. I think it is much cuter than the normal felted mittens, plus I like the close knitting cuff. I picked up this skein of Malabrigo from INUA on super bowl sunday, and I for some reason knew immediately it would be a pair of these mittens for me. I had been planning on knitting a pair for myself for a while, and this yarn was apparently THE yarn. Knitters know what I mean. The yarn sometimes picks the pattern.

Pre-Felting. Excuse my nails that need to be painted and my watch tan.

I don’t have a post felting pre-cuff photo of them..

These will be awesome for when it is cold. After one of the top 5 coldest Januarys on record, we are now having one of the warmest Februarys. It is pretty strange.


Pattern: Felted Mittens with Unfelted Wool Cuffs
Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted, Cuarenta, 1 skein
Needles: US9 for mitten body, US5 for the ribbing
Mods: Detailed on my Ravelry project page here


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