FO: Yoda Socks for Bret

Last year I knit Bret a pair of socks. And he likes them. He wears them everytime they are clean, and he is beating the crap out of them. I decided I wanted to knit him another pair, but I wanted something with a little nylon in it (for strength) and thicker than fingering weight, because I did a gauge swatch with Wollmeise and would’ve had to cast on like 90 sts for it to fit around his foot. I love him, but not enough to knit him 90 sts socks. I don’t love myself enough to knit myself a pair of 90 sts socks. Anyways. So when this yarn, Opal Polarlichter, showed up on The Dizzy Sheep I knew it was perfect! Its a sport weight sock yarn with 25% nylon. So I ordered some and cast on pretty quickly after it arrived.

I’ll say it now I suppose: I should’ve used bigger needles and knit the foot longer. Bret has kind of wacky shaped feet (that are not THAT huge), and these socks definitely need more length in the foot, which is evidenced by the way the heel turn is not actually under his heel. And then here’s another problem: I knit one sock a good 1/4″ shorter in the foot than I did the other. This was total knitter error, my own fault. But, Bret is a good boyfriend and is going to wear them anyways. And he even swears he likes them.

Evidence of the ill fitting heel. And my sweet slippers with a cat on them. No need to be jealous.

Bret says the colorway reminds him of Yoda, and I think they will probably last as long as Yoda was alive because they are so tightly knit they will probably last through the apocalypse.


Pattern: Sock pattern from my brain. Slip Stitch Heel Flap, Cuff down.
Yarn: Opal Polarlichter, 1 skein, colorway 5201
Needle: US 2.5 (definitely could’ve at least gone up to a 3)
Ravelry Link


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