FO: Pink and Grey Brooklet

Okay..It has been a while. This is my first semester taking 300 level classes, and the amount of work required is definitely showing! I also started a student job about a month ago. My only knitting time these days is in class or on weekends, when I lately have not felt like knitting. Which pretty much results in me getting like no knitting done. It is lame. But, as of this week, we have two weeks of class left, finals, and then this summer I am not going to be a full time student. I will be working and taking classes, but probably 2 classes tops..I am really looking forward to it! ANYWAYS. I finished knitting this cowl a couple weeks ago, and took the pictures for Ravelry but I have not gotten around to blogging. Obviously.

So here it is:

I love this cowl. You do a provisional cast on, knit the stockinette section, then switch colors and knit the lace section, take out the provisional cast on and do a three needle bind off. I was unsure if I’d like the look of a three needle bind off on this, but I think it suits it. And you end up with a two layered, very warm infinity cowl!!

And the edge where you switch colors gets all wavy!:)


Pattern: Brooklet
Yarn: Pink: Sanguine Gryphon Bugga in Dragon Millipede Gray: Madelinetosh Pashmina in Composition Book Grey
Needle: US 5 & 6
Mods: None!

I have a project that has been finished for over a week without the ends being woven in..this is totally unusual for me! I’m planning to weave in the ends as soon as I post this blog..So expect another post pretty soon!


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