More photos from lately…


Took a Recycled Mitten class with my mom yesterday! Felted thrift store sweater, lined with fleece. I can’t wait to experiment more with these…



huge icicles in the afternoon sunlight – on my way to my afternoon sociology class. probably around 315PM.


pumpkin roll – gearing myself up for fall holiday baking. I’ve been in a baking mood a lot lately, I assume from the amount of schoolwork that has been on my plate lately:) the end of the semester is starting to loom already. the filling of this is cream cheese frosting that has greek yogurt in it, so it is sweet and tangy at the same time.


Belle, being irritated at me disturbing her for photographs.


me and gabs, hanging out on my parents bed.

and last but not least,


this morning i put cinnamon rolls from a tube onto my waffle iron and this was what resulted…basically cinnamon roll biscuits that were crunchy on the outside. now I want to try with homemade cinnamon rolls….

One response to “More photos from lately…

  1. Loved all the pictures – the food pictures make hungry and I look forward to partaking in some of your holiday baking; – )

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