FO: Gradient Cowl

Knitting it was kind of a frustrating process, but I love this finished product.

it is long and loopy, and it looks fabulous with my blue winter jacket!

Pattern: Gradient Cowl from Shibui Knits
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Angel, 6 skeins. Light Blue (1), Dark Blue (1), Teal (2), White (2)
Needles: US9
Mods: none, other than a super ugly grafting job:)

I enjoyed knitting this for a while, and it would have been better had I actually read yarn labels and realized that Debbie Bliss Angel has almost 100yds less per skein than Shibui Silk Cloud has, which the pattern calls for. The pattern uses more of the colors A & C, and so unsurprisingly, I ran out of both of those colors while knitting..But it is done now, and I am loving wearing it!

When I look at it I feel like my colors C & D get kind of muddled (the teal and the dark blue) but I the gradient is somewhat there. This is a neat way to make them gradient, because you hold 3 strands together, intermittently changing one strange, to make the colors slowly change.


2 responses to “FO: Gradient Cowl

  1. Elizabeth Morton

    Beautiful scarf, Mallory….I like the way the colors change. It almost looks like it is woven. G-Ma

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