Woah! 2012 Knitting Wrap Up

This year I am not in Hawaii for the New Year, however it is currently 30+ above at my house, so I am pretty happy about that. This year my knitting waned a bit, simply because this fall I took 15 credits, worked 18 hours a week, and managed to squeak out a 3.2 GPA (1 A, 1 B+ and 3 Bs). So, I am not particularly surprised I wasn’t quite as productive in years past. I am also not disappointed about it either. It has been a long time since I have consistently gotten good grades and I am extremely proud of myself!!


In 2012…. 

(Some links are blog, some links are Ravelry. I was lazy about blogging this year, that is for sure!)


1 scarf (Quiviuk Lace Scarf)

7 pairs of socks (Skew, Yoda, Petal, Monkeys, Stripey StashbustersThink Fall, Socks for my Sweetie #3)

3 baby sweaters [One was truly a tank top, but I’m including it in this category!] (Stripey Girly Mossy, Brown and Green Stripey, Baby Halter)

1 shawl (Handspun Shawl)

5 cowls (Pink and Grey, PINK!, Not Socks, Cloudy Sky, Zeus Crossing) [really the howlcat could fit into cowl or hat!]

5 hats [one is a headband] (Hippie Hat, Pink Baby Hat, Brown and Green Baby Hat, Calorimetry, TARDIS Botanic)

2 pairs of fingerless mitts (Toasty Tubes, Test Knit Mitts)

1 sweater [that I hate] (Leisl)

1 doll dress (Polka Dot Dress)

3 felted things (Ballband Bag Take 5, Duffers For Kelsey #2, Felted Mittens for Me)

1 giant ridiculous circular lace blanket (Leaves of Grass)



That makes this year’s total 30 knitted items. I guess that is only 9 less than last year, so not too bad! I am headed into the new year with three things on the needles – A cowl for my mom, a scarf for my aunt and a pair of socks for me. I also need to get started on another one soon! Ah well, I still have this entire next week off and then school doesn’t start until the 17th – although it is another semester of 15 credits and 18 hours of work a week! Hopefully it won’t be too nuts! And my last crazy semester. After that, this fall I will take about 9 credits and then 3 the spring after that, and then I will be GRADUATED! 


Happy New Year, everyone!


One response to “Woah! 2012 Knitting Wrap Up

  1. Another way to look at it is on average, less than every two weeks you were completing a knitting project. WOW! I’m glad my future scarf can help you bring in the new year; – ) Simply put you are awesome!

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