Turning 25: A Journey to Self Betterment

This past summer I turned 25. I am not usually one to worry about age; I rarely feel particularly old or young. Anyway, since turning 25 (this fall especially) I’ve found myself in a quarter-life crisis of sorts. In one sense, it makes me feel insane, but on the other hand I’m sure it is perfectly normal.

Whatever the case is, it has spurred this interesting set of goals/ways of living I am trying to enact in my life. Not surprisingly, it comes in list form.

1. More self esteem – I think I mentioned this one in my previous post. This part, surprisingly, has been easy and fun so far. Dressing better, finding fun ways to do my hair, changing my posture, so on and so forth. Feeling awesome about yourself is great. I’m also trying to extend this past my appearance though, as I am worth more than my good looks! This kind of melds into item two..

2. NO MORE MEDIOCRITY!!! – Yep, it has to be in caps. I am no longer accepting mediocrity from myself. This is much harder than item one. I am attempting to be a better student, better employee, and better person in general. This one bleeds into some sub-items.
a. Less distractions at work – Not going so well as I spend a lot of time talking to Sarena on gmail chat. I love talking to Sarena though!! Plus she listens to me ramble about self betterment and my quarter-life crisis:)
b. Less mistakes at work – do things completely, and right the first time.
c. Less screen time – I have lately realized that I check my damn phone (facebook, twitter, email) all the freaking time. It invades pretty much everything I do and I am so over it. This one has been really hard so far. I am working on it though… I suppose it could be rephrased more accurately as, “less unproductive screen time,” because I want to start reading the news more.
d. Read more – sort of related to the above item. Less time staring at my phone/ipad/tv means there are better ways to spend my time. So far I have had to (this is kind of sad) set a timer on my phone to make myself read. I’ve done this mostly as a way to keep from checking my phone, but it has worked. Reading for pleasure is back in my life..so far only fluff, but I plan to tackle some more intelligent reading once the semester is over.

3. Take better care of myself – this one blends with the first. Shower more, sleep more, exercise more, and eat better.

4. Be more social – There are days where I feel like I live inside my own head. I think this one can speak for itself.

5. Be more adventurous – this one manifests itself in some weird ways. I have been having the strangest desires to go out drinking and dancing (I didn’t want this when all my friends were doing it, and now that they aren’t I want to. WTF.) but also a strong desire to start hiking and go for walks all the time. Basically, I want to try new things and do things that I may not have done before, because I was/am a fuddy duddy.

It all boils down to this: I want to lead a better life. I want to like myself, challenge myself, and be a more effective person. And I’m working on it!


2 responses to “Turning 25: A Journey to Self Betterment

  1. LIFE IS A VERB, MAL! haha. Anyways, I got your back, girl.

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