Boil over

I am at the library on campus, trying to finish up a semester long project I’ve been working on, but I cannot focus. I was telling Sarena about this phenomenon the other day, and she called it boil over, which is the most perfect way to describe what is going on in my head right now.

So, faithful blog readers, I am going to give you a couple lists and then hunker down and try and finish this project, because I want to go home and put on my pajamas and knit and read.


What I should be doing:

  • Working on my proposal (it is almost done! I really just need to edit it and write the last section)
  • Working on homework assignments (if I really want to get ahead of the game)

What I am doing instead:

  • Messing around with the layout of this blog
  • Writing this post
  • Thinking about books I want to read over Christmas break
  • Reading old emails
  • Wandering around on Spotify
  • Looking at Twitter repeatedly
  • Thinking about potential blog posts

…so on and so forth.

Okay, time to get busy. No more mediocrity!


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